Prata chega a Portugal

A dupla

A tão merecida medalha foi finalmente conseguida pelo Nuno e pelo Pedro. O trabalho árduo e a dedicação continuam a dar frutos. E eu estive lá e vi ao vivo e a cores. A bancada apoiou como nunca, o calor dos espectadores fez-se sentir. O esperado aconteceu. Foi bonito de se ver. Foi bonito de se conseguir.

Pódio 2xLM

Já dei os parabéns?? Muitos parabéns! :)


Video da Final A

Record - Olímpicos felizes com prata

Record - Remo: Portugal vice-campeão europeu
A Bola
O Jogo

Comentário da FISA:

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls (LM2x) – A-final

This was the race the entire crowd had been waiting for. This was the race that featured Pedro Fraga and Nuno Mendes of Portugal, the true medal hopes for the host nation. At the start Austria took the lead with Fraga and Mendes right back. But the crowd didn’t mind. They all knew about the big sprint hidden inside Fraga and Mendes.

Germany’s Linus Lichtschlag and Lars Hartig then moved through to take the lead through the middle of the race. Lichtschlag and Hartig were second at the final Rowing World Cup making them the highest ranking crew coming into this regatta. The Germans, rating 36 through the body of the race started to move away from the pack. Coming into the final sprint France and now Portugal were within striking distance of the Germans.

The crowd rose to their feet. Had Fraga and Mendes left their sprint too late? Raising their stroke rate to 41, then 42, then 43 Fraga and Mendes gave it their all. The crowd looked ecstatic. Portugal takes silver, their first medal for the duo at the senior level.


Lars Hartig (GER) - Gold
“It was a really good race with a great start and a great middle, really a pleasure to row here. We were also impressed by the public which was very numerous.”

Nuno Mendes (POR) - Silver
“We were expecting a very hard race with four to five teams at a high level. We didn’t start as well as we expected but we were able to do our characteristic finish and come back. It’s really great to race in Portugal for the first time in such an event, we could really feel the vibration of the public, especially with our way of racing.”

Pedro Fraga (POR) - Silver

“We prepared the European Championships also thinking about the upcoming World Championships and we will continue to train humbly hoping to reach the finals.”

Jérémie Azou (FRA) - Bronze
“We are quite satisfied as we were able to follow the coach’s instructions. We are really improving now and will continue working on the physical side while maintaining our strong technical points.”

(De ressalvar que as fotografias têm sido minhas e não retiradas de lado algum..)

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Muitos parabéns!!! Aguarda-se marcação para jantar!